About us

The Queen Mary Commercial Awareness Society exists for the purpose of enhancing members' understanding and awareness of current affairs and consequential issues and impact on the legal and commercial sectors.

We offer members the opportunity to attend our monthly informal meetings, which are hosted at Queen Mary University, at which we focus on current commercial events in order to enhance our members' commercial awareness. Some of these meetings will be led by representatives from our sponsors, and some by our committee. The meetings take different forms, from pub quiz to discussions.

We have collaborated with different firms in order to host different guest speaker events. The firms send representatives to come and talk to our members about particular 'hot topics' how these respective issues have affected businesses in both the legal market and other industries.

We also host commercial awareness workshops throughout the academic year.

If you are interested in collaborating with QMCAS in any capacity, please email enquiries@qmcas.com


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