Lexis Nexis

LexisLibrary used by 90% of the top 200 law firms, all of the Inns of Court and over 4,000 organisations in the UK. It is used by Parliament, all UK judges and all UK universities with a qualifying law degree.

If you are interested in finding out how to effectively use Lexis Library and its features, contact your Queen Mary Student Associate, Kirila Bezinska at vice-president@qmcas.com
Did you know about the following features which can help you to increase your commercial awareness?

Lexis Library ‘News’ tab

Search across large groups of sources such as all English-language news or all U.S. newspapers.

Tip: refine your search using the sources drop down box. From there popular choices include UK Newspapers and UK Broadsheets.

Lexis 1

Lexis PSL (professional support lawyer)

This is a service used by those in practice so being familiar with it is a great head-start for your legal career.

Make the most of the ‘Newspod’ on Lexis PSL to find out about current news in a specific sector.
Alternatively, if you want to find out more about a specific practice area then PSL is also a great resource for this. Delve deeper into practice areas by exploring topics within them by clicking on the ‘View topics’ drop down box.

Lexis 2

There are a wide range of practice areas for you to explore:


Lexis Cases – ‘Counsel’ search

Have an upcoming interview and want to know about some recent cases the firm/chambers has worked on?

Click onto the cases tab on Lexis Library and then write the name of the firm in the ‘Counsel’ search box.

Tip: don’t fall into the trap of discussing a case your firm has actually lost! Make sure you have read the ‘case overview’ at a bare minimum in order to impress.

Lexis 4